RCM Exams

The Royal Conservatory of Music sets the bar for musicianship and technique. RCM Exams are a great opportunity for students to test their knowledge and give them that extra motivation to keep up with their practicing. 
To learn more about how to prepare for an exam, check out our learning resources. 

For more information on classification of marks, see here. 
If you are interested in taking an exam, please notify your teacher.  2014/2015 Exam Dates. 

First Class Honours with Distinction
Preparing for an exam takes months of hard work and dedication and the added nerves of performing in front of an adjudicator makes the experience even more stressful for students. We would therefore like to recognize all students who have earned First Class Honours with Distinction (above 90%) on their RCM Exams: 
June 2008                           Kasia Grzelak                          Grade 2
January 2009                    Erika Gacayan                         Grade 2
June 2009                          Rhea Rego                                Grade 1
April 2010                           Olivia Perry                               Grade 2
June 2010                          Caralyn Vossen                      Grade 2
June 2010                          Maria Perry                              Grade 4
January 2013                   Jaden Gacayan                      Grade 4


Solana, Haven and Clare at the Burnaby Clef Society Festival, 2011
Solana, Haven and Clare at the Burnaby Clef Society Festival, 2011

"Music festivals (and sporting events, speaking contests, honour rolls, etc.) prepare children to be champions in life."  - Julie O'Shea VanSpall

Participation in piano festivals are highly encouraged. Not only are they a great goal for students to work towards but they also give students a chance to hear their peers perform. It opens their ears to so many different interpretations of songs and teaches them that music is subjective. 

Festivals help students develop their performance ability, build confidence, and cope with their nerves.  They learn to be respectful of other performers and realize that one person's opinion of their playing does not define their ability as a musician. 

Students have the opportunity to participate individually and/or within an ensemble.

If you are interested in putting your child in a festival, please notify your teacher.  

Still not convinced? Read this great article by Julie O'Shea VanSpall, mother of four students at Twilight Sound Studios, on why she puts her children in music festivals. 

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