Theory Requirements

The following theory requirements are recommended as co-requisites with the applicable level of practical piano development:  

Grade 5 - Basic Rudiments
Grade 6 - Intermediate Rudiments 
Grade 7-8 - Advanced Rudiments
Grade 9 - Advanced Rudiments, Basic Harmony, History 1
Grade 10 -  Advanced Rudiments, Intermediate Harmony, History 1 and 2

Keyboard Harmony - Many students today are opting to take Keyboard harmony as opposed to theoretical harmony theory courses. This program teaches improvisation, hands on chordal progressions, music analysis, transposition and other related keyboard playing skills. If there is sufficient interest, class sessions will be provided.

*Note that Keyboard Harmony exams are only held in June of each year and generally, it takes 8-10 months of preparation for an exam. 

It is highly recommended that students playing at the grade 5 and higher level supplement their practical skills by also taking theoretical lessons.  In addition to passing the grade 8 practical exam, successful completion of the Advanced Rudiments Exam is required to receive your Grade 12 Fine Arts high school credit.

Private Theory lessons are available at the following rates and can be started at any time: Basic Rudiments - $275
Intermediate Rudiments - $300
Advanced Rudiments - $325